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Johnny Shaw has been in the Broadcasting industry for over 45 years. Being a man of faith, he invisioned where the broadcasting industry would take his family. He believes "where there's no vision, the people perish" so his vision reached way beyond the naked eye. Only an eye of faith could see where he believed God was taking him in the broadcasting industry. During this time, he had become the well-known local DJ playing old  school music. He also believed that God had so much more planned for his life and the life of his family.

He continued to raise his family while singing with the Shaw Singers, being the local DJ and working in the community.

In 1980, Johnny was called to preach the gospel and later became the Under Sheperd for the St. John Baptist Church where he has been serving the congregation for the last 31 years.

Being a reknown singer paved the way for his ministry to preach the gospel in places he would have other wise never gone.

While carrying the gospel in song and word, Johnny's vision for broadcasting just would not perish. He knew there was even a greater need to spread the word of God.

WBOL-AM being only a low power daytime station. It wasn't long before he had attached his arms of faith to reach further in the ministry of broadcasting.

Johnny learned early that vision without faith is just an idea simply because of what Hebrews 11 says. God not only defines faith, He declares faith. He kept following his vision to make a difference in broadcasting.

While searching for ways to extend WBOL-AM, he discovered a FM frequency available in Hardeman County.

Continuing to believe in his vision, holding Mrs. Shaw's hand...he declared it so. In the early 90's, they acquired the license permit to contruct a 6000 watt FM station in Bolivar, TN. September 1, 1993, Johnny played the first song on WOJG-FM at 6AM, "Thank you Lord" by Shaw Singers. God be the Glory for a Voice for Christ and a Servant of the People

In 1997, the opportunity knocked and he became a Co-Commissioner where he served well for 1 1/2 terms. In 1999, the door opened wider for him to become the First African American to serve as State Legislature in Rural West Tennessee since reconstruction.

His committment to the community:
Pastor of the St. John Baptist Church - 31 years
CEO of Shaw's Broadcasting, LLC - 24 years
Tennessee State Legislature 80th District  - 11 years 
    Member: Finance Ways and Means Agriculture Committee
    Sub Committee: Budget Sub Committee Pension and Insurance
    Appointed Committee: Ethnic Committee & Fiscal Review
Chairman of Trustee Board at West Mental Health
Life Long Member NAACP

Past Member of Rotary Club
Past Chair of Black Caucus of State Legislature
Past Secretary of Finance

Rep. Shaw has served as  Chairman of the TAKE ONE Initiative Steering Committee, a joint effort between faith based and non-profit communities to mentor returning citizens from incarceration for one year since 2014.

Rep. Shaw has received numerous awards for his legislative and community service:  2014 History Maker Award, the Impact on Aging (Southeast Region Association on Aging), Distinguished Service Award - TN Association of Broadcasters, West Tennessee African American Entrepreneurs- C.A. Rawls Bridge Builder Award; Capitol Dome Service Award from the American Cancer Society. the  Mayor's Character First Program, the William Henry Miles Outstanding Community Service Award; Jackson Affordable Housing Jo Helen Imani Award;  Legislator of the Year, Tennessee Development District Association;  West Tennessee Black Business Association Chairman's Award.

His vision is to continue to be a Voice for Christ and a Servant of People into all eternity.  God Bless.

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